Our Teachers

Our Teachers

A Suntree Montessori teachers role is more that of a guide or a facilitator rather than a “teacher”. She guides the children through the curriculum sequences by providing lessons and key experiences that peek their interests, encourages further exploration, and thus allows children to make their own discoveries.

Dr. Montessori considered the science and art of observation to be a fundamental necessity for teachers to understand and support the individual development of each child. Therefore, our teachers become a “student of the child”. They utilize various observation techniques and assessments tools as they evaluate and record information about each child. From these, they are able to make individual lesson plans for each child while remaining alert to changes in the child’s interest, progress, mood, and behavior.

Meet Our Teachers

Theresa Trawick
Administrative Assistant to the Montessori Group
Theresa started with the Montessori Group in 2002, as the Montessori-certified Elementary Lead Directress at Rockledge Montessori Then in 2006, Theresa moved to one of our sister schools, where she taught Montessori 3rd and 4th grades for 11 years. She has been involved in Montessori teacher training since 2013. Theresa has acquired her National Early Childhood Credential, and we welcome her to our Suntree Montessori family. Theresa especially enjoys working with children learning to read, music and gardening projects. She is also very glad to be working with Ms. Nadia again.

Nadia Pryszlak, Lead Montessori Directress
Nineteen years ago, after teaching in traditional schools for many years, I had the opportunity to observe a Montessori classroom at work. This experience showed me a completely different approach in the way we help our children to learn their life-long skills. In a Montessori environment, students discover their innate abilities and develop a strong sense of independence, self-confidence, and discipline. They learn at their own pace, reaching beyond basic academic achievements without pressure in an atmosphere that encourages their love for challenge and learning. ~~ Nadia Pryszlak

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